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These Rules and Regulations govern storage with Parker Marine, Inc., hereinafter referred to as PMI.  Each owner having storage privileges with PMI is subject to these Rules and Regulations and must acknowledge in writing that he/she has read and agrees to abide by the same.

Liability Limitations - No Bailment.  Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Rules and Regulations, in any application, or in any other form, the owner shall not be deemed a bailee, nor shall PMI be deemed a bailer, of owner's property.  Owner shall protect and save harmless PMI, its employees, and agents, from any claims made by reason of injury or death to persons, or damage to property, caused by the owner's property, or persons using the same.

Owner's Insurance - The owner shall carry his own insurance to protect himself against any loss or damage made by reason of injury or death to persons, or damage to property and resulting to or caused by owner's property or persons using the same, regardless of cause and reason.  Owner hereby indemnifies and holds harmless PMI for any and all such damage or loss mentioned in the preceding sentences.

Casual Sales - The name "PMI" or any part thereof, or reference to its place of business or phone numbers may not be used for any purpose without prior written authorization of PMI.  No "For Sale" sign or any other type of commercial sign may be displayed on the premises managed by PMI without written permission.  PMI is authorized to remove any such sign without risk of loss or liability.

Boat Cradle - Owner will place his name and boat's name on any cradle which is stored on the premises.  No other names shall be on the cradle.  PMI assumes no liability for injury, loss, or damage caused by any inadequacy of the owner's cradle or shoring, and reserves the right to refuse to use any cradle or shoring deemed unsuitable.  Any cradle or shoring unused for more than twelve months shall be deemed abandoned and may be disposed of in a manner determined by PMI.

Summer Cradle Storage - Summer cradle storage shall be granted by PMI for cradles used with any boat winter stored for the preceding winter storage season.  No summer cradle storage charge shall be made.

Definitions of Seasons - The summer season shall be June 1st thru September 30th of the same year.  The winter season shall be October 1st of one year thru May 31st of the next calendar year.  Boats may be moved outside after April 1st if necessary to launch boats.

Closing of Winter Storage - Failure of the owner to remove his unit by May 31st, the end of the winter season, from the winter storage building shall be deemed to be an authorization for PMI to have the unity removed and dry stored outside at the owner's expense, unless prior arrangements for continued inside storage have been made with PMI.

No Assignment - No Subleasing - Any rights and privileges granted for storage are personal and not assignable by the owner to any other party for any reason whatsoever.  Any attempt by the owner to assign his rights under the storage contract shall cause the contract to become null and void, effective at the time of attempted assignment.  No refunds shall be made.

Abandoned Units - Any owner failing to pay his bill sixty (60) days after mailing by PMI shall be deemed to have abandoned his unit, unless he has registered a complaint in writing to PMI.

Liens - PMI shall have a warehouseman's or mechanic's lien on any unit subject to storage privileges, and shall have the right and power necessary to prevent removal of said unit from the storage yard without risk of liability, until the owner has paid his account in full.  A monthly charge of 1.5% on balance due will be accrued until payment, in full, is made.

Emergencies and Safety - The owner shall furnish a set of keys to his boat for haul-out and emergency purposes.  In the event of an emergency, PMI shall have the right to move boats to any other available location.  For everyone's safety there are strict regulations governing PMI's storage building.  There shall be no exceptions to these regulations.

Hours of Operation - The owner shall have access between the hours of  8:30 am to 5:00 pm local time, Monday thru Friday, or by appointment with PMI.

NSF Checks - All checks returned as non-sufficient funds shall be charged an additional $29.00 fee.

Outside Contractors - PMI must receive notification from owner when they order any outside contract work to be performed on their boat.  Every outside contractor must submit a certificate of insurance of a min. of $500,000.00 liability coverage.  Outside contractors are bound by the same rules and regulations as boat owners.  Outside contractors are to report to PMI's office upon arrival and departure of yard.  Failure to abide by this policy shall result in outside contractor not being allowed to perform business on these premises.


This list of regulations applies to every inside storage customer.

All boat batteries must be removed or disconnected.  No motor vehicles permitted inside storage building.  Use of electric power is prohibited.  Do not leave trash, refuse, rages, etc., inside building or in surrounding yard.  Dispose of all rubbish in containers appropriately supplied for such items.  Major repair work is prohibited.  Positively no smoking or open flames.  All boats stored inside shall be equipped with functional automatic fire suppressions systems located inside the engine compartment.  No flammable liquids or gases or any type including, but not limited to, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, alcohol, mineral spirits, solvents, thinners, paints, varnishes, etc.  Customers must be accompanied by a PMI employee or agent while entering an inside storage building.

Questions and comments can be directed to Parker Marine, Inc. - (440) 949-6151 during regular business hours.

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                            Last modified:  August 22, 2014